Friday, November 5, 2010

'Green Lantern' Trailer Review

What would happen if a ten-year old or a frat boy got powers? That's the summation posed by one lucky reviewer who got to get a sneak peek at the upcoming 'Green Lantern' trailer. Courtesy of BigShinyRobot, here's a tad more of the review:

There have been rumors of this movie being like training day with Sinestro (Mark Strong) showing Hal the ropes. Strictly from this preview, I can not say if they are going to do this as I didn’t see one scene with Sinestro in it. I know he is cast and is in the posters, but strictly from the preview, they do not seem to be focusing on him to greatly. I can say the villain in this first one seems to Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard). Not a favorite villain of mine personally, he always creeped me out as the obsessed stalker, but he may work with the direction it looks like they are taking for a genesis story.

This is the one part which has me worried; they look like they are going to portray “The Man Without Fear” as a man who has to overcome fear. Now, I know they of late

have been pointing to the fact Hal does have fear he just has the ability to overcome it in the comics, but the one thing about Hal is he never really showed it. There is a conversation he has where he mentions what the ring said about being without fear, and the guy he’s talking to gives him a look and Hal says unsurely, “I know right?” All in all though, I can see how they can use Hector Hammond to have him overcome fear, I mean the guy gets into your head. I just really hope they do not focus too much on him overcoming fear, they need to stay true to Hal’s strong, confident persona.

Word is the 'Green Lantern' trailer will debut with the new 'Harry Potter' movie coming out Nov. 19th.

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