Saturday, November 13, 2010

Five Cool Things About the 'Green Lantern' Teaser Trailer

ET just released a teaser trailer of the upcoming 'Green Lantern' trailer that's set to debut with 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I' Nov. 19. ET plans to release the full trailer this Tuesday. Here it is in full CGI glory:

Here's five cool things I liked about it:

1.) Looks like director Martin Campbell decided to go with a slightly more humorous take than Nolan did with Batman or Singer did with Superman. We've had our share of brooding superheroes lately with 'TDK' and 'Watchmen,' so this will be a welcome break.

2.) First glimpse of Kilowog! Looks like Hal Jordan's trainer takes up more than his share of screen space.

3.) Ryan Reynolds is shirtless. OK, that's great if you're a girl. But if you're a guy, that means it'll just be easier to get your date to the theater.

4.) GL flies through interstellar space. Looks like the 'Green Lantern' plot rumor I posted earlier may have some truth. If that's the case, then directly after the bar fight--which seems to occur in the teaser with the giant green fist--Jordan gets taken to Oa to learn the proper use of his new found powers.

5.) Oa looks magnificent. It's really brief, but it looks like Oa is the Emerald City from 'Wizard of Oz' on steroids. Guess there's something to mystical places starting with 'O' with only two letters.

Stay tuned for the full trailer coming this Tuesday on ET, or in theaters before 'Harry Potter' next Friday.

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