Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Green Lantern' Movie Pics

Fresh in from the hdroom, here's some awesome stills from Green Lantern featuring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Tim Robbins. Click for BIGNESS:

"Honey, I'm not just a pilot. I'm a ring-powered super-hero, crime-busting, intergalactic order member. Also, that's a big watch you're wearing."

"No, it's not a glow stick, and yes, this is my girlfriend. Also, could you put extra cheese on our pizza?"

"I found this in a cracker jack box."

This looks like what would happen if you combined a star gate with the large hedron collider.

Dads, this is what happens when you don't play catch with your sons when they're little. They grow up to become midgets with over-sized heads and bad attitudes. Not in every case, of course, but would you risk it?

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